At Kimball’s Aliment & Brake Center, we are a WA State authorized emissions specialist and provide complete emissions repair, but not emissions testing.  If you need to take an emissions test, you will need to go to one of the WA state testing stations.  For a complete list of testing stations click here:  If you have failed your emissions test, we can repair your vehicle to ensure that it passes the WA State emissions test.  Our certified technicians are skilled and trained in emissions repair.

The environmental pollution from fuel emissions are of high concern to state and federal governments.  As a result, WA State is one of the many states that require a vehicle to pass a regular emissions test in order to be in use. If your vehicle does not pass the test, the tester will give you a list of authorized emission specialists where you will see Kimball’s Alignment & Brake Center.

We will start with a diagnosis to determine why your vehicle failed.  At that time, we will give you an estimate of what it will cost to repair your vehicle so you can pass your emissions retest.  Because some repairs may be very costly, your vehicle could be eligible for a waiver.  The vehicle owner may request a waiver if the vehicle fails the retest and there has been at least $150.00 spent on appropriate diagnosis/repair by an authorized emissions specialist.  Anyone can repair your vehicle.  However, repair costs will only apply toward a waiver when an authorized emission specialist performs the repairs.  Let Kimball’s Alignment & Brake Center be your authorized emission specialist.  Call for an appointment today.


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