Are your brakes pulling, pulsating or making noise?  Pedal soft, hard to press, or low?  ABS light on?  Car not stopping right?  Kimball’s Alignment & Brake Center is your shop for brake maintenance, diagnosis, and repair.  Waiting for brake squeal, grinding noises or soft pedal can be a costly mistake, as damage to vital, non wear brake components may have already occurred.

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  Paying attention to the signs of brake wear is vital to your safety when driving.  Checking brakes include a thorough examination of the pads, drum, and rotor of each side of the car.  If brake pads are too thin, we replace them with new ones.  A regular check of your braking system usually prevents damage to drums and rotors.  There are generally only three types of brakes, disc, drum, and anti-lock brakes.  Whether it is your car, truck van, motorhome, or trailer and no matter what type you have, Kimball’s Alignment & Brake Center is qualified to repair or replace your brakes.

Some of the brake services that we offer but are not limited to are:

  • Install pads and shoes
  • Bleed, fill & adjust brakes
  • Rotor & drum resurfacing
  • Caliper reconditioning & replacement
  • Wheel cylinder replacement
  • New master cylinders
  • Brake line repair & replacement
  • New brake hoses
  • ABS diagnosis & repair
  • Power boosters
  • Parking brake service & repair


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